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Chair Cushions

An extensive range of quality seat cushion products to provide everyday therapeutic support and blissful comfort. Choose from the highly popular Jobri or TOGU lines of car and seat supports.

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Bad Backs Seat Wedge Bad Backs Firm Seat Wedge
A firm angled seat wedge for long term sitting in cars, at home or in office chairs. Maintains the spine's natural curvature and pressure on the discs by encouraging a pelvic tilt position.
PRICE: $49.95
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Bad Backs Seat Cushion with girl Bad Backs® Seat Wedge with Coccyx Cut-Out
When using with a sunken or sloped chair or seat, this cushion brings the body to a more neutral position by "filling in" the negative space and offering pelvic support to help promote proper posture and help alleviate discomforts associated with sitting.
PRICE: $59
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BetterBack Orthopaedic Seat with Lumbar Roll
It's design follows the natural shape of the body and transforms any seat into an ergonomically correct support system. Great for car seats, kitchen chairs, firming up a soft couch, or offering support to any recliner chair.
PRICE: $149
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coolmax foam seat wedge CoolMax™ Memory Foam Wedge
The new unique Coolmax memory foam seat wedge, takes the pressure off, and encourages an upright position by putting you in a pelvic tilt position. Featuring Coolmax breathable fabric technology.
PRICE: $89.95
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humantool balance saddle seat Humantool Balance Seat
The Humantool Balance Seat is a Finnish innovation that revolutionizes your sitting position by turning any chair into a saddle seat. It is a simple yet effective way of tilting your pelvis to improve your ergonomic position.
PRICE: $199
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Memory Seat wedge with man Jobri Seat Wedge with Visco-elastic Foam & Coccyx cut-out
When using with a sunken or sloped chair or seat, this cushion brings the body to a more neutral position by "filling in" the negative space and offering pelvic support to help promote proper posture, and help alleviate discomfort from sitting a long time
PRICE: $89
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swivel seat cushion Swivel Seat Cushion Deluxe
Perfect for getting in and out of vehicles, this deluxe swivel seat cushion rotates 360 degrees, and helps reduce hip and back pain cause by twisting and turning. Use at home or whenever you are out and about.
PRICE: $59
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Thermarest - Lite Seat Therm-a-Rest® Self Inflating Lite Seat Cushion
Super comfortable and ideal for just about anywhere you can think of where sitting comfort is important, even on top of a mountain !
PRICE: $56.95
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TOGU Airgo TOGU Airgo Active Seat Cushion
The Active dynamic sitting cushion is anatomically designed, and required minimal inflation. It optimizes pressure distribution and transforms weight shifts into fine motoric pelvic movements. You hardly notice the movements and are not distracted at all.
PRICE: $79.95
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TOGU Ball Seat Cushion TOGU Dynair Ball Seat Cushion
Portable and lightweight for use anywhere you sit. Ideal for office chairs, in the car, at a footy match or long plane ride or anywhere else you can think of.
PRICE: $49.95
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togu dyanir premium wedge TOGU Dynair Premium Ball Seat Wedge Cushion
Ergonomically shaped to encourage an upright posture, strengthen the back muscles and assist with back pain relief. Uniform pressure distribution also makes for pleasant thigh support.
PRICE: $74.95
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TOGU Happyback seat back cushion TOGU HappyBack Seat Cushion
Sitting on TOGU's HappyBack dynamic seat cushion makes you sit in an upright posture due to its unstable and flexible seat pad. Instinctively your body tightens, you work your core muscles and your back is strengthened.
PRICE: $69.95
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bad-backs-ring-cushion Bad Backs Ring Cushion
Ideally designed for post natal comfort, post operative discomfort and anyone suffering from hemorrhoids or coccyx pain.
PRICE: $39
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camp seat 2 Therm-a-Rest® Self Inflating Seat Cushion
Self-inflating, lightweight and portable, it is the largest, thickest seat cushion Therm-a-Rest® makes, offering maximum comfort for those hard outdoor sitting surfaces.
PRICE: $79.95
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