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Dr Bakst Magnetic Back Belt *

Dr Bakst Magnetic Back Belt *
Dr Bakst Magnetic Back Belt * 
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Dr Bakst Dr Bakst Dr Bakst Magnetic Back Belt

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More on effective magnets by Dr Bakst:

"...The magnetic field has the ability to penetrate through the skin. Correspondingly, different magnets have different depths of penetration through the skin. A ceramic magnet might have a depth of penetration of 1 to 1.5 inches. If a nerve is superficial (near the surface of the skin) a ceramic magnet will be sufficient to control the pain impulse of that nerve. However, if the affected nerve is 2 - 4 inches deep, a ceramic magnet will be of little value. Only the neodymium magnets have the ability to penetrate that deeply..."

To assist with back pain relief, all magnets are strategically and anatomically placed by Dr. Bakst to maximize proper placement, polarity, position, penetration and power.


  • 28 strategically and anatomically positioned, high powered Neodymium and Ceramic unipolar magnets.
  • 33,000 gauss power, providing deep penetration.
  • Made of superior quality, breathable neoprene, with adjustable velcro closure.
  • Maybe hand washed and hung to dry.


(Measure at waist)

  • Small - 58cm to 81cm (23 inches to 32 inches)
  • Medium - 81cm to 102cm (32 inches to 40 inches)
  • Large - 102cm to 127cm (40 inches to 50 inches)


If you have a pacemaker, are pregnant or epileptic, please consult your doctor before using magnetic products.

Please Note:

Due to health restrictions, unless faulty or damaged, this item is non returnable if it has been in contact with your skin. Please try on over clothing if unsure about the sizing.



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